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Saint James Cosmetics is an opulent line of products designed especially for women of color by Patricia Saint James of Beverly Hills. Our collection is of the highest quality and the most vibrant of colors. These products have been formulated to include the most discriminating selection of natural ingredients ever tested in the development of cosmetics. We are innovative!

Patricia has several years in the beauty industry, from make-up, skin-care to fashion. She has taught many of her clients how to utilize simple industry techniques and basic products to enhance their own natural appearance. Her background in this business coupled by her passion for simple, quality products will make your experience with Saint James Cosmetics and easy, beauty-enchancing journey.

Ms. Saint James is a Spokesperson & Mistress of Ceremony for numerous charity events, benefits and fundraisers. One of her favorite pastimes is producing successful fashion and beauty shows for those of all ages to enjoy!.

"This is our motto, and what we believe is the way you should live your life!"

Cosmetics are a wonderful way to enhance your inner beauty.

Saint James Cosmetics carries a wonderful line of Skin-Care Products for all types of skin and delicious Bath Enhancers.

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