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Saint James Cosmetics

Saint James Cosmetics show room is located in Beverly Hills California. We use highly efficient quality equipment for liquid and cream fillings, powder pressing, and lipstick molding.

We offer a wide selection of fabulous beautiful colors to choose from. Our Saint James Cosmetics services include the research and development of cosmetics, skin, and body care items.

We also accept custom orders. We may be reach by phone to discuss your particular needs or by email @

This is important, we do not do any type of animal testing what so ever!

Saint James Cosmetics has the capacity to support your high volume orders at discounted prices.

Saint James Cosmetics products use ingredients which comply to European and Japanese standards and regulations.

We provide timely delivery and work closely to insure that your products arrives to your shipping destination.

Our Motto is: "Beauty That Is Love From Within".

Orders call 310.494.8094

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