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Beauty Tips - New Discoveries

Every woman loves looking extremely beautiful, that's a fact! Here are a few SJC  beauty tip!

Remember, "Beauty is Love from within".

SJC will give you the look that says "SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL".

"Oh So Red" is the lipstick you can wear all year long! Rich color shapes lips with the creamiest and non-feathering moisturizing formula with vitamin E so lips stay defined. It will gives your lips the look of Love! So, do not be surprise when that special someone say "TONIGHT, TONIGHT YOU ARE ALL MINE!" " that is all you need and you'll be  a STAR!!! 

Remember to always use a great moisturizer first! You will love our: (Anti-Aging Daily Moisture with SPF 30) or ( Glycolic Cell Renewal Moisturizer)  to keep your skin soft, and beautiful!

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