Cosmetics for Women of Color
and Exotic Skin Tones.

Information - Price Sheet

1Liquid Jojoba$15.00
3Creme Foundation$25.00
4Wet/Dry Powder Foundation$25.00
5Matte Finish$25.00
7Camouflage Cremes$10.00
8Corrective Cover Cremes$10.00
9Cover sticks$10.00
10All Around Cover$25.00
11Under Makeup Tint & Highlighter$30.00
13Pigment Additives$40.00
15Loose Translucent Face Powder$15.00
16Extra Oil-Controlling Loose Face Powder$20.00
17Translucent Pressed Face Powder$15.00
18Extra Oil-Controlling Pressed Face Powder$20.00
19Bronzing Powder$15.00
20Starburst Face Powder$20.00
21Powder Blush$8.00
22Ultimate Powder Blush$12.00
23Powder Blush Couples$15.00
27Eye Color$8.00
28Loose Eye Dust$12.00
30Matte Eye Color$8.00
31Eye Shadow Foursomes$13.00
32Creme-To-Powders Shadows$10.00
34Eye Shadow Base$12.00
35Cake Eyeliners$8.00
36Liquid Eyeliners$9.00
37Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner$10.00
38Waterproof Retractable Brow liners$10.00
39Designer Eye Pencils$7.00
41Waterproof Mascara$9.00
42Brush Brow$9.00
43Designer Lipsticks$10.00
44Long-lasting Matte Lipstick$12.00
45Lipstick Carousels$25.00
46Waterproof Retractable Lip Liner$8.00
47Lip Gloss$12.00
48Wet Lips$12.00
50Lip Pencils$7.00
51Lip Sparklettes$18.00
53Cleansing Milk Creme$20.00
54Balancing Face Cleaner$16.00
55Clean Eyes Make-up Remover$13.00
56Spearmint Aloe Masque$20.00
57Foaming Facial Gel$20.00
58Sea Mud Masque$15.00
59Skin Toning Lotion$16.00
60Non-Alcohol Toner$16.00
62Skin Clarifier$20.00
63T-Zone Scrub$13.00
67Aloe Jojoba Creme with Vitamin E$15.00
68Gel Facial Scrub$19.00
69Velvet Veil$20.00
70Evening Magic$20.00
71All Day Moisture$22.00
72Eye Creme$25.00
73Oil-Absorbing Moisturizer$17.00
74Vitamin C Creme SPF15$30.00
90AHA Body Lotion$13.00
91AHA Day Moisturizer Normal to Dry SPF 15$25.00
92AHA Toner$16.00
93AHA Day Moisturizer Normal to Oily SPF 15$25.00
94AHA Night Creme$24.00
95AHA Serum$35.00
96AHA Cleaner Normal to Dry$20.00
97AHA Cleaner Normal to Oily$20.00
98AHA Masque$24.00
99AHA Honey & Almond Exfoliator$25.00
103Antioxidant Day Creme with SPF-15$25.00
104Vitamin C Serum$25.00
133Large Artist Make-up Kit$125.00
134Small Artist Make-up Kit$60.00
1358-Piece Make-up Kit with Brush$22.00
1368-Piece Eyes & Face Kit with Brush$40.00
13718-Piece Shadow Kit with Brush$30.00
139Clear Vinyl Pouch$3.00
140Black Velvet Bag with Drawstring$4.00
141Cosmetic Bag with Black Drawstring$5.00
142Cosmetic Bag with Zipper$5.00
143Rectangular Vinal Zipper Bag with Double Black Handles$8.00
144Glitter Body Gel$7.00
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